Jay Carney, Comforting the Powerful

The New York Times has a piece today (3/17/11) about new White House press secretary Jay Carney and how his background suits him for the job. Carney was previously a reporter for Time magazine, and was apparently notmuch of a partisan–he “complained privately” that the magazine’s coverage of the 2008 campaign “was too lopsided toward Barack Obama.” Carney’s friends say he’s good at making powerful people like him–a talent he apparently used to great effect as a journalist: Mr. Carney, they said, always seemed comfortable around people in power and exuded a certain confidence that endeared him to some of […]


Jay Carney, Revolving Doors and the Beltway Bubble

Jay Carney was a Time magazine reporter, bureau chief and frequent TV talking head. He is married to ABC reporter Claire Shipman. He left journalism to be Joe Biden’s communications director, andwas just namedBarack Obama’s next press secretary. It used to bemore common to see people criticize thismedia/politics revolving door. Journalists who jump over the supposed divide between the supposed watchdogs andthe powerful institutions they’re watching do little to dispel the sense that the Beltway is one big cocktail party. (Read “Party Like a Beltway Insider Journalist!”–FAIR Blog, 4/26/10–for some sense of the terrain.) Which brings me to Howard Fineman‘s […]