What U.S. Commitment to African Justice and Human Rights?


It was not altogether surprising to see a headline in the New York Times, “Leader of Vote Count in Kenya Faces U.S. With Tough Choices.” The “tough choice” is apparently that the candidate in the lead, Uhuru Kenyatta, has a terrible human rights record.


NY Times and the Myth of ‘U.S. Ideals’

Meles Zenawi

There’s nothing quite like the demise of a U.S-allied dictator to get the Paper of Record talking about the “clash” between U.S. “ideals” and the actual policies the country carries out. Today’s New York Times (8/22/12) carries the headline “Ethiopian Leader’s Death Highlights Gap Between U.S. Interests and Ideals,” under which Jeffrey Gettleman lays out the case that the United States kept Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi, who died early this week, in the “good guy” column despite our normally idealistic approach to world affairs. Gettleman writes that Zenawi extracted prized intelligence, serious diplomatic support and millions of dollars in aid […]