Media Cry Foul When Democrats Talk About Race

Democratic midterm ads

The front page of the New York Times dwells on how Democrats are playing on “racial fears” in campaign advertising. But are the ads actually unfair–or do they simply talk about issues the corporate media would rather not discuss?


The Erratic Bernard Goldberg True to Form on Reliable Sources

Howard Kurtz had Bernard Goldberg on his Reliable Sources show (CNN, 2/22/09), weeks after the erratic right-wing media critic blew off his show. You could have had a better conversation about pro-Obama media bias with the drunk on the next barstool. For example, when Kurtz says: I think sometimes you’re selective in your evidence. For example, you write about Deborah Howell; she’s the former ombudsman at my newspaper, the Washington Post. You say, “She waited until after the election to write about the tilt on the Post op-ed page toward Barack Obama.” But–and she did, but on August 3, Deborah […]