TV Sports’ ‘Little, Teeny-Tiny, Super Cute White Hope’

Intern Katy Kelleher at the blog (9/9/09) has made a worthy attempt at “unpacking all the different levels of sexism and racism that are operating subtly behind the scenes” in recent coverage of professional women’s tennis. On the new stardom of relatively diminutive and white Melanie Oudin, Kelleher remarks that “her accomplishments are definitely praiseworthy, but there is something off about the way she is being celebrated”: She has been called the “darling” of the U.S. Open, America’s “sweetheart,” a “pint-sized, freckled-faced blonde from Georgia,” the “tiny little savior of women’s tennis,” everything it seems, save tennis’ “Great White […]


‘Snobbery, Cruelty & Ugliness’ in NYT ‘Journalism Fail’

Blogging at Jezebel, Sadie Stein (8/12/09) turns the spotlight on the New York Times‘ Cintra Wilson “in a remarkably nasty piece. Brace yourselves, kids”: In a paper often characterized by a tone as carefully bland as NPR‘s, she can be a breath of fresh air. But today’s column, on Manhattan’s first J.C. Penney, is a marvel of snobbery, cruelty and ugliness…. It took me a long time to find a size 2 among the racks. There are, however, abundant size 10s, 12s and 16s…. The petites section features a bounty of items for women nearly as wide as they are […]