Joe Klein Solves the ‘Hot-Button Issues’

There’s almost too much to say about this recent column Joe Klein wrote in Time magazine. But let’s start by parsing this: In the good old days of the last century, the years before the collapse of the economy and the World Trade Center towers, political discourse in the U.S. was, too often, rutted in issues that didn’t affect the lives of most people. They were important moral and symbolic issues, to be sure. And they were difficult issues, although their subtleties were obscured by extremists, who tended to dominate the debate. Still, the people directly affected by the so-called […]


Howard Kurtz and the ‘Liberal’ Weeklies

On Monday (1/19/09), Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz took a look at the health of Time and Newsweek, and almost immediately rendered a political judgment: The rival editors are turning out weeklies that are smaller, more serious, more opinionated and, though they are loath to admit it, more liberal. They are pursuing a more elite audience, in print and on the Web, abandoning the old Henry Luce notion of catering to the masses. It is nothing less than a survival strategy. Hmm. Maybe those magazine editors are “loath to admit” they publish liberal magazines because, well, they don’t? Kurtz […]