Chuck Todd, Militarism and Media Diversity


Chuck Todd wants to make Meet the Press more diverse–but he doesn’t appear willing to try all that hard.


Papers Still Deem Reality of War ‘in Poor Taste’

Editor & Publisher‘s Joe Strupp (9/4/09) has an update on U.S. papers’ “mixed reaction to the controversial Associated Press photo distributed today of a Marine who died in combat in Afghanistan last month.” The picture’s inclusion in “a group of images taken by AP photographer Julie Jacobson” predictably was “blasted” by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, whose censure came via “a formal letter of complaint.” Strupp reports that the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times ran the photo on its website with an AP story about the images, while the Commercial Appeal in Memphis provided an online photo gallery of all of […]


‘Strength in Bargaining’ Still, When Deals ‘Done Fairly’

Joe Strupp of Editor & Publisher (7/21/09) is reporting that newspaper union representatives claim a victory of sorts in the Boston Newspaper Guild’s refusal to accept a deal that “called for smaller benefit cuts and a furlough, but a higher 8.3 percent salary reduction.” The Boston Globe eventually agreed instead to “a 5.94 percent salary cut, a one-week furlough, a pension freeze and healthcare cost increase.” Strupp quotes Guild president Bernie Lunzer saying the result “does demonstrate that there is strength in bargaining,” that “people can push back” and they “are correct now to question what management is doing, to […]