NYT’s Apple Debate Factcheck, Without Facts

If Arthur Brisbane wants the Times to consider becoming factchecking ‘truth vigilantes,” this is hopefully not what he had in mind. At last night’s Republican debate (1/19/12), CNN host John King asked the candidates how they would convince a corporation like Apple to employ more workers in the United States: It employs about 500,000 people in China. It is based in the United States, has some employees here, about 40-something thousand, I think 46,000. Most of them in retail stores and at the headquarters. 500,000 of them are in China. As a president of the United States, what do you […]


John King, CNN’s Right-Wing Assist Man?

The right-wing Newsmax site has a notably positive profile of CNN anchor John King. Why would they take such a liking to a member of the dreaded Liberal Media Establishment? Newsmax‘s Ron Kessler gives his reason: When contributor Erick Erickson of RedState.com leaves out a point that might buttress his conservative arguments, King gladly supplies it.