Mexico Electoral Fraud ‘in the Dust of History’ at NYT

Veteran independent Mexico reporter John Ross (CounterPunch.com, 6/28/09) wants to know which countries come to mind when thinking about “a stolen election by an entrenched regime,” “demands for a recount to which election officials respond by offering to recount just 10 percent of the vote,” or even “a regime-controlled media that exalts the incumbent’s victory and demonizes the loser”? Are you thinking “Iran 2009? Yes!” or “Mexico 2006? Yes and no.” Toward showing that “the stealing of the Mexican presidential election by the right-wing oligarchy stirred little indignation anywhere outside of Mexico,” Ross finds that “a comparison of coverage extended […]


Crony Capitalist Props Up NYT

Writing that “an astonishing number of North American dailies are gasping their last,” veteran Mexico journalist John Ross (CounterPunch, 3/18/09) cites “a recent survey by the New York Times, itself on its last legs,” that “lists 75 daily newspapers of being at risk from sea to stinking sea,” and singles out how San Francisco Chronicle owner “Will Hearst threatens to close down the Chron if he can’t break the unions and turn the Comical into a scab rag.” Ross also looks at how “the New York Times has persuaded a Mexican billionaire to bail it out of impending shipwreck”: Well, […]