O’Reilly Brings You Stories Big Media Won’t Touch!


Bill O’Reilly wanted to make clear that the Factor brings viewers some perspectives missing from the bland, liberal newscasts. Let’s look at the episode where he made this claim to see what he might be talking about.


Matt Bai, the NYT’s Tea Party Promoter

New York Times reporter Matt Bai has tried to argue that the public is really worried about the budget deficit. He’s tried to find polling evidence to show the public favors some form of budget-cutting austerity,which usually leads him to focus on numbers that support his argument while ignoring those that run counter to his political preference. He’s back at it today (11/5/10),in a piecewarningRepublicans to not confuse their midterm for some sort ofmandate.He tries to make a case that the voters were really with the Tea Party on some key issues: All of this implies that Republicans think the […]


‘Pansy’ John Stossel and Bill ‘Man of the People’ O’Reilly

O’Reilly interviewing John Stossel, who left ABC for Fox Business Network (11/3/09): O’REILLY: You committed the cardinal sin of all time. You left a liberal network, and you went to a traditional right-leaning network. So you’re never, ever going to be liked again by anyone. Does that make you sad? STOSSEL: Well, I live with these people. They all live in my neighborhood. So that makes me sad. O’REILLY: Move out to Long Island where I live, because I live with the folks. STOSSEL: I like taking the subway to work. O’REILLY: You’re a pansy. Come out to Long Island. […]


John Stossel, Free at Last

Rupert Murdoch’s latest hire John Stossel, speaking at a Michigan college: I quit ABC a couple weeks ago partly because they didn’t like what I was doing. They viewed it as too biased. Yes, ABC promoted Stossel to 20/20 anchor, gave him regular “Give Me a Break” commentary segments and one-hour, factually challenged primetime specials…all because they didn’t like him. It’s scary to think what the network would have done if they did like him.