NYT’s Easy Ride for Christian Right Propagandist

Today’s New York Times profile of Christian right propagandist David Barton reports on how the self-styled historian wields a great deal of influence in conservative and Christian nationalist circles, spreading his gospel that the U.S. was founded on Christian principles. The Times‘ Erik Eckholm reports that “many historians call his research flawed” and that “liberal organizations are raising the alarm over what they say are Mr. Barton’s dangerous distortions,” and he quotes Baylor University critic Derek H. Davis, who says that Barton’s work includes “a lot of distortions, half-truths and twisted history.” So Eckholm tells us that Barton has critics […]


NYT Critical Spotlight on Tanton Gives His Anti-Immigrant Groups a Pass

The Sunday New York Times (4/17/11) ran a big front-page piece on John Tanton, founder of the anti-immigration organizations Federation for American Immigration Reform and Center for Immigration Studies. I guess it’s positive that someone in corporate media is finally paying attention to Tanton’s racism (long documented here at FAIR–1/1/93–and by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center–Winter/08), and reporter Jason DeParle does include a good deal of damning information about Tanton and some of his own racist words. But he also manages to interview almost exclusively people currently or formerly affiliated with Tanton’s groups (six of these people in […]