WPost: The Midterms and ‘Big Government’

Sunday’s Washington Post (10/10/10) featured a story by Jon Cohen and Dan Balz that led with this claim: If there is an overarching theme of election 2010, it is the question of how big the government should be and how far it should reach into people’s lives. The piece is actually an explanation of the results of a new poll conducted by the Post along with the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University. As Dean Baker noted (10/10/10), “There is absolutely nothing in this article that supports this assertion.” He is correct. The Post‘s report deals with the supposedly conflicted […]


Post Mishandles Post Poll

Yesterday’s Washington Post (12/16/09) reports that the public isn’t sold on healthcare reform. As the headline puts it: Public Cooling to Healthcare Reform as Debate Drags On, Poll Finds The story by Dan Balz and Jon Cohen explains that “there is minimal public enthusiasm for the kind of comprehensive changes in healthcare now under consideration.” Now, how “comprehensive” the reforms under consideration are is certainly debatable, but these conclusions seem to be drawn from questions about costs and Barack Obama’s handling of the issue. But the Post did ask other, more interesting questions–and then buried the results. Deep into the […]