Jonah Goldberg Swings at Obama on Nukes–and Hits Reagan

Jonah Goldberg

Right-wing columnist Jonah Goldberg slams Obama for expressing support for a ‘nuclear free world’– which was what Reagan said too.


Jonah Goldberg and the Myth of ‘Tax Freedom’ Day

Right-wing columnist Jonah Goldberg leads his column today (USA Today, 4/6/10): Congratulations! This is your last week working for the man–at least for this year. The Tax Foundation calculates that Tax Freedom Day for 2010 is April 9, which means that by Friday, Americans will have spent nearly 100 days working just to pay their taxes. If Democrats have their way, Tax Freedom Day will keep getting later and later. Every year there are journalists swallow this line–and every year, theCenter on Budget & Policy Priorities points out that the Tax Foundation’s study has serious methodological flaws. Most importantly, the […]


Jonah Goldberg in Praise of ‘Pack Journalism’

News that an arrest may be in the offing in the Chandra Levy murder case–no, it’s not Gary Condit, but a man currently incarcerated for a similar crime–inspires many unpleasant strolls down media’s memory lane. But the most unpleasant might be Jonah Goldberg’s ode to pack journalism and rushing to judgment (Jewish World Review, 7/11/01; Townhall, 7/16/01 ), where the conservative columnist all but declared Democratic Congressman Gary Condit guilty of murder. Wrote Goldberg: Technically, it’s bad form for journalists to “rush to judgment.” We’re supposed to carefully weigh and measure every confirmed fact as it comes in. Speculation, gossip […]