Critics–and Questionable Sponsors–at NBC’s Education Nation

There’s an interesting piece at the Huffington Post (9/27/11) by Joy Resmovits about what some critics of the corporate-backed NBC Education Nation conference are saying. Even though some are crediting NBC for a more balanced program than last year, not everyone’s ready to give the network a passing grade: While some lauded the increased balance and depth at this year’s Education Nation, retired New York City teacher and Grassroots Education Movement member Norm Scott gave [NBC News president Steve] Capus an earful on Tuesday. “People see an absence of the word ‘class size’ in these debates,” he told Capus. “This […]


The ‘Important Historical Context’ of Torture Punditry

Quoting Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter’s strong words on the Keith Olbermann show about how “it’s important, historically, to look at the context of” the “effort in these OLC memos to try to dress [torture] up as something else,” Hullabaloo blogger digby takes issue (4/24/09) with his statement that “Dick Cheney stands almost alone” in still publicly defending the memos: Yes, Dick Cheney is forlorn and all alone. Many of the people who advocated taking the gloves off are leaving him out there hanging today. And one of them is Jonathan Alter. See, he forgot to mention–and Keith apparently didn’t know–that […]