The Faulty Assumption Behind Bad Reporting on Iran

The Washington Post (8/17/12) has a story on Iran and the threat of war that begins with this: Preparations in Israel for a possible war are focusing new attention on whether Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and forcing an unwelcome debate in the thick of a presidential campaign about the U.S. role in stopping an Iranian bomb. The article, by Anne Gearan and Karin Brulliard, repeats the same assumption a number of times–Iran is after a nuclear weapon: Some say that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is bluffing in hopes of forcing President Obama to issue an ultimatum to […]


U.S. Press Cites Pro-Coup Paper’s Pro-Coup Poll

Just Foreign Policy national Coordinator Robert Naiman has a follow-up (7/15/09) on his July 13 catch of major U.S. new outlets relying solely on Honduras’ La Prensa, “a pro-coup newspaper, with a history of publishing inaccurate information,” to falsely “indicate that a plurality of Hondurans support the military coup against democratically elected President Zelaya.” Naiman looks at the first question in the poll cited by the paper–“Rough translation: Do you consider that the actions that Mel Zelaya took with respect to the fourth ballot justified his removal from the office of President of the Republic?”–responded to affirmatively by 41 percent, […]