Journalists Held Hostage by the Sarah Palin Bus Tour

The Sarah Palin hostage drama continues. In case you haven’t heard, Palin is taking a bus tour up the East Coast, visiting various sites of historic interest. Which naturally means that every media outlet is forced to follow along, covering this series of non-events as if they are of tremendous importance, asking the pertinent questions: Is she running for president? Hasshe launched a crafty non-campaign that appears much like a campaign, without really being a campaign? On Sunday (5/29/11), CNN host Howard Kurtz wondered: Is the press in danger of being bamboozled by somebody who, in the end, is probably […]


The Dark Side of MSNBC’s ‘Crazy Political Uncle’

Noting that, “for the last decade or so, Washington has indulged Pat Buchanan as a sort of crazy political uncle” by having “agreed to forget about his long track record of racially questionable commentary and writing,” TPM Muckraker‘s Zachary Roth and Justin Elliott (4/24/09) have caught a column “for the far-right web magazine, Human Events,” that doesn’t quite jibe with the image portrayed on Buchanan’s “frequent MSNBC appearances, where he plays a mostly well-mannered, if hardline, conservative.” The commentary in question asserts that “family-and-faith, God-and-country” America “does not comprehend how the president could sit in Trinidad and listen to the […]