WaPo, Owned by CIA’s Webmaster, Blasts Venezuela’s ‘State-Financed’ News

Venezuelans protesting US sanctions (photo: Miguel Gutierrez/EPA)

Part of the job of being Washington’s official court paper, apparently, is explaining to the inhabitants of lesser nations that they shouldn’t take it personally when the US labels them “an unusual and extraordinary threat.”


Somalia Raid Gone Wrong–Anonymous Officials Explain Why

FireShot Screen Capture #628 - '10_07_ Interrogators press captured terror leader for al Qaeda intelligence; Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks NFL expansion, HGH - CBS News Video' - www_cbsnews

If there’s one thing we know, the Obama White House hates leakers. Especially leaks about sensitive national security issues. Except when the leaks are the official kind.


The Complex Panorama of Supporting the Wrong Side in Bahrain

Of all the Arab Spring uprisings, Bahrain probably gets the least attention in the U.S. press. There are perhaps some good arguments why;  it could be the fact that the United States is on the side of the monarchy violently suppressing the democratic aspirations of its people. So it was news that the United States decided on Friday to ahead and continue selling arms to Bahrain. But barely news. The Washington Post‘s Karen DeYoung (5/12/12) gave space to some critics of the deal to point out the troubling level of support for a regime torturing and imprisoning dissidents. The administration […]


WaPost: Iraq ‘Complicates’ Withdrawal by Sticking to Plan

The current Status of Forces agreement calls for U.S. troops to be out of Iraq by the end of the year. The U.S. government wants to stay longer, and would seem to be pressuring the Iraqi government to ask them to do just that. But the Iraqi government hasn’t done that yet–leading to stories like this one in theWashington Post by Karen DeYoung (7/10/11), headlined “Iraqis Fail to Reach Consensus on Longer U.S. Troop Presence.” The “failure” is that they haven’t written a new agreement that would negate the current agreement. The Post presents this all as a strategic problem […]


WaPo Defines Obama’s Afghan War Mission

The headline in today‘s Post, previewing Obama’s speech tonight: Obama’s Challenge: Leaving, but Not Too Quickly Funny how it’s not the other way around–leaving too slowly would seem to be a larger political problem, given the state of public opinion. The Post reports: President Obama will face a stiff political challenge Wednesday in presenting his plan for a gradual end to the U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan. His prime-time address must remind a skeptical electorate and a concerned Congress that the country’s longest war remains worth fighting–and funding–for several more years. Why is it that Obama must “remind” the public […]


McChrystal’s Media Soldiers Strike Back

Lara Logan on 60 Minutes

It’s not that surprising that some in the corporate media, driven either by admiration for ousted Gen. Stanley McChrystal or disdain for Rolling Stone‘s scoop, have rushed in to defend or explain away his behavior. In Saturday’s Washington Post (6/26/10), anonymous military sources tell the newspaper that the comments from McChrystal and his staff were supposed to be off the record: The command’s own review of events, said the official, who was unwilling to speak on the record, found “no evidence to suggest” that any of the “salacious political quotes” in the article were made in situations in which ground […]