Tea Party Makes News–Even With Nonsense

Today the New York Times (1/18/11) reports a big scoop. A “Tea Party commission” convened by Freedom Works is set to announce its crowd-sourced $6 trillion debt reduction plan–“A copy of the preliminary findings was provided to the New York Times,” Kate Zernike reports. The story’s second paragraph critiques the plan from the right for not doing enough about Social Security and Medicare, which Zernike asserts “are two of the biggest contributors to the nation’s deficit.” This is not true, especially when it comes to Social Security–but corporate media prefer to have discussions of the deficit that bash Social Security. […]


To NYT, Tea Party’s Talk Is More Newsworthy Than an Actual Progressive Budget

“Tea Party Plans Its Own Debt Panel” reads a headline in today’s New York Times (6/27/11), where reporter Kate Zernike described efforts by the well-financed right-wing lobbying group FreedomWorks to organize a debt commission that will come up with yet another right-wing fiscal blueprint. They don’t have a plan yet–they’re merely talking about having meetings that would produce a plan: “It aims to have proposals ready by January, when the presidential campaign will draw even more attention to economic proposals.” Well, they’re off to a good start in the Drawing Attention department. Remember, the People’s Budget of the Congressional Progressive […]