Now They Tell Us: Iran Didn’t Actually Threaten to Wipe Israel Off the Map

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor acknowledged on Al Jazeera English (4/14/12) that Iranian leaders have never called for Israel to be “wiped” off the map. Meridor agreed with interviewer Teymoor Nabili’s suggestion that the supposed remarks were never actually made; Iranian leaders, Meridor said, come basically ideologically, religiously, with the statement that Israel is an unnatural creature, it will not survive. They didn’t say “we’ll wipe it out,” you are right, but [that] it will not survive, it is a cancerous tumor, it should be removed. Hostile words, to be sure, but not the menacing threat endlessly reported in […]


Open up the Afghanistan War Media Debate

Public support for the Afghanistan war continues to drop. Casualties mount. So why is NBC‘s Meet the Press giving viewers a parade of hawkish pundits and military officials? If you haven’t already done so, please join FAIR’s call to broaden the debate on the war on the most-watched Sunday morning chat show. And while you’re at, RethinkAfghanistan is asking people to sign a petition to CBS anchor Katie Couric to ask tough questions of Gen. David Petraeus.


Howard Kurtz’s News Fashion Revue

Courtesy of Ben Armbruster (Think Progress, 2/9/09), generally right-leaning media “critic” Howard Kurtz displays a total lack of self-reflection when, after discussing the sexism Katie Couric faced “as the first woman to anchor a network news program,” Kurtz then asked Couric if her new hairstyle has something to do with her most recent successes: KURTZ: We’re going to put up some pictures of you over the years, and I’m going to ask you whether you think at all a factor in your recent success could be this new hairstyle. Couric’s response was sharp: “You know, you should ask Charlie Gibson […]


Move Over, Taliban–CBS Is the Real Master of Manipulation

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric (1/27/09) introduced a segment on civilian casualties in Afghanistan by saying, “Our Elizabeth Palmer spoke with the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, who says the Taliban have become masters of manipulating public opinion.” That commander, Gen. David McKiernan, was CBS’s sole on-camera source for the segment, making assertions like “we try to avoid [killing civilians]. The insurgent does it on purpose.” The U.S. military also served as an off-camera source for Palmer as well, cited for claims like “80 percent of Afghan civilians are killed by the Taliban…. But there’s huge frustration that anytime […]


Does CBS Think the CBS Poll Doesn’t Count?

Discussing the failed auto bailout on CBS Evening News (12/12/08): KATIE COURIC: And it’s almost, meanwhile, turning to Washington, Bob, impossible to figure out just what happened to this auto bailout in the Senate. There’s all this finger pointing going on. What is your take? Can you explain it to us in simple terms? BOB SCHIEFFER: I think frankly what happened, Katie, is that this is overwhelmingly unpopular, bailing out these auto companies with the public in general. And every poll suggests that. These leaders of the auto industry came to town first in their jet planes and now you […]