Media Lean Left, Say Journalists Who Don’t Really Say That


When establishment journalists were asked about whether media leaned left, so little in their responses addressed what would seem to be the fundamental question: Does what is actually in the media suggest a liberal bias?


If Bachmann Is Gasping for Media Oxygen, What Do You Say About Ron Paul?

One of the strangest comments post- Iowa straw poll came from reporter Kelly O’Donnell on NBC Nightly News (8/14/11): Both Pawlenty’s exit and Perry’s launch consumed political oxygen that typically would have gone to the straw poll’s actual winner, Congresswoman Bachmann, who appeared on all five Sunday morning talk shows, including Meet the Press. I’m having trouble imagining how someone could put those two thoughts together. Bachmann was merely on five national TV shows Sunday morning. That’s being overshadowed? If that’s oxygen deprivation, one has to wonder what you’d call the media treatment of Ron Paul, who finished one percentage […]


New Frontiers in Pretend News About Sarah Palin

This is an actual headline: Palin Re-Tweet Raises Questions And the actual lead paragraph: Normally, it’s what Sarah Palin tweets that makes news. This time it’s what she has re-tweeted. The “substance” is that Palin retweeted a comment promoting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal. The piece ends: A Palin spokesperson was not immediately available for comment but Rebecca Mansour, a Palin aide, subsequently expressed skepticism on Twitter that the media would take notice of Palin re-tweeting “something that stands [with] gays.” The media not taking notice of something that Sarah Palin said? Don’t bet on it. This reminds of […]


NBC Follows Comedic Code in Earmark Reporting

The earmarks story is a peculiar genre of journalism wherein you focus on how much government spending is directed to legislator-specified projects–generally without pointing out what a tiny fraction of total spending this is, or that without the earmarking this money would be spent anyway, on some project chosen by the executive branch. Then you rattle off a list of earmarked projects, often provided by a partisan source, which are generally chosen not for their inherent wastefulness but for their comedic potential. Thus NBC Nightly News‘ Kelly O’Donnell on December 14: Senator McCain’s staff pointed to a few examples they […]