Will NYT’s New Editor Stand Up for Investigative Journalism?

Dean Baquet (photo: New York Times)

The New York Times announced that Jill Abramson, who has the top editorial job there of executive editor, is being replaced by current managing editor Dean Baquet. Whether Baquet will be good for investigative reporting at the Times remains to be seen.


Unlike Amazon, Publishers Understand Authors–and How to Rip Them Off

Ken Auletta (cc photo: JD Lasica,

In a lengthy New Yorker piece (4/26/10) about the Amazon/Apple battle over e-books, Ken Auletta paints some familiar heroes and villains: “The [publishing] industry’s great hope was that the iPad would bring electronic books to the masses–and help make them profitable. E-books are booming…. But publishers were concerned that lower prices would decimate their profits.” If Amazon gets away with selling e-books for $9.99, Auletta quotes one publishing CEO, “to my mind it’s game over for this business.” Amazon is depicted as controlling and mercenary: Many publishers believe that Amazon looks upon books as just another commodity to sell as […]