What U.S. Commitment to African Justice and Human Rights?


It was not altogether surprising to see a headline in the New York Times, “Leader of Vote Count in Kenya Faces U.S. With Tough Choices.” The “tough choice” is apparently that the candidate in the lead, Uhuru Kenyatta, has a terrible human rights record.


Global Recession Affects People, African Animals

ABC World News did a segment on March 31 with a bunch of short reports on how the global recession was hitting around the world. Most of them were like this: CLARISSA WARD (ABC NEWS): I’m Clarissa Ward in Tokyo. Japan is the second-largest economy in the world. And lifetime employment has always been the ideal here. But as global demand for Japanese cars and electronics plummets, companies like Toyota and Canon are being forced to shed tens of thousands of jobs. And for many workers in Japan, losing your job means losing your company housing. Thousands of laid off […]