NYT Stands Up for the Little Insurance Company Employee

It’s about time someone stood up for the poor insurance companies! The New York Times today delves into what it’s like to be “Dealing With Being the Healthcare ‘Villains,’” eliciting sad stories from nice people who work for big insurance companies and feel they’re under attack. Times reporter Kevin Sack tells us, “Some workers said that unlike other contributors to the country’s healthcare problems–the doctors who overprescribe, the hospitals that fail to control infection, the consumers who do not take care of themselves–insurance companies are faceless, impersonal and distant.” Sack and the NYT to the rescue! Let’s put a face […]


Single-Payer and False Football Analogies

In today’s New York Times (6/19/09), Kevin Sack’s article about the prospects for healthcare reform devotes all of a paragraph to single-payer: Seeking broad popular support, the president and congressional leaders have played between the 40-yard lines of the health policy spectrum. Those who favor a single-payer, government-run insurance system have been marginalized, along with those who would unleash the system to the free market. This is exactly wrong. Single-payer is, in fact, broadly popular–at least according to many polls, including the most recent from the New York Times (1/11-15/09). The decision to marginalize single-payer is a decision to avoid […]