Problems at PBS, From Rose to Koch

PBS will give you more of this...

If you think public television exists to offer challenging, independent news and public affairs shows that bring us stories the stories the commercial media too often ignore, free of the influence of big sponsors and corporate owners… well, this hasn’t been a good week.


Don’t Quote Me by Name, But My Friends the Koch Brothers Respect the Hell Out of Press Freedom


The New York Times finds anonymous sources to assure us that the Koch brothers are not trying to buy the Tribune newspapers in order to “destroy the other side.” But Mother Jones finds an actual person who explains how the Kochs actually treat media outlets whose reporting they don’t like.


Up Is Down, Down Is Up: Bill O’Reilly Explains OWS

On his Friday night show, Bill O’Reilly took his viewers to a magical place–one where the right-wing Koch brothers have no connection to the Tea Party movement, while Occupy Wall Street is a secret project directed and financed by the likes of, SEIU and George Soros. At the top of his broadcast, O’Reilly wondered if we are now in “phase two of the campaign to undermine America”–this would apparently be the phase where activists protest against police brutality, with an assist from “the radical MoveOn organization, which is funding some of the occupiers.” As he explained his conspiracy theory: […]