Debate, Washington Post Style

We’ve talked about these “Topic A” debates in the Washington Post before, and today’s installment is a doozy. The topic on the table is Obama’s media strategy. And, as before, the important people are on the political right, Here are the right-wingers: Karl Rove, Dan Schnur(communications director of John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign), Ed Rogers (White House staffer to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush), Dana Perino (White House press secretary for George W. Bush), Linda Chavez(chair of the Center for Equal Opportunity, former member of the Reagan administration). They’re matched by two Democrats: pollster DouglasSchoen and Clintonadviser Lanny Davis […]


Healthcare Debate as Lobbyist’s Own ‘Business Interests’

According to Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald (8/18/09, ad-viewing required), pro-coup lobbyist and frequent news show guest Lanny Davis is merely “masquerading as a ‘political analyst’ and Democratic media pundit,” when really he “is unmoored from any discernible political beliefs other than: ‘I agree with whoever pays me.’” Greenwald’s present example is a new Politico and the Hill commentary in which Davis warns of “The Dangerous Joining of the Far Right and Far Left” and declares it “time for the vast center-left and center-right of this country to speak up and call them out” because “silence is no longer acceptable by […]


Domestic Honduras PR’s ‘Amazing Job’ Misinforming

The L.A. Times has published a commentary from Center for Economic and Policy Research co-director Marc Weisbrot (7/23/09) furthering recent exposés on the damaging influence of U.S. lobbyists hired by unlawful regimes throughout the world. Under a headline about “The High-Powered Hidden Support for Honduras’ Coup,” Weisbrot invites us to meet Lanny Davis, Washington lawyer and lobbyist, former legal counsel to President Clinton and avid campaigner for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid. He has been hired by a coalition of Latin American business interests to represent the dictatorship that ousted elected President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras in a military coup […]