CBS Covers Liberia’s Ebola Crisis–Without Liberian Voices


CBS presented a very moving and dramatic account of the fight against ebola in Liberia. But no Liberians spoke in the piece.


60 Minutes and Benghazi: When a Hoax Sounds Like a Hoax


Someone at CBS should have known the Benghazi story being peddled by their star witness didn’t add up.


Michael Hastings, Bridge-Burning Journalist (1980-2013)

Michael Hastings

What Tim Dickinson called Hastings’ “enthusiastic breaches of the conventions of access journalism” were what enabled him to report the unguarded assessments of the officers running the occupation of Afghanistan.


More of Lara Logan’s Media Criticism

Fresh from her comments slamming Rolling Stone‘s Michael Hastings for reporting things the military wouldn’t like, CBS reporter Lara Logan weighed in on the WikiLeaks story on last night’s CBS Evening News, where she argued that reporters should do more to stress the Taliban’s record of killing civilians: KATIE COURIC: Also mentioned in these documents is the number of Afghan civilians who have been killed. How do you think this will damage the war effort? LARA LOGAN: Well, the issue of civilian casualties is a major one. And the U.S. has taken a lot of criticism because of this. However, […]


McChrystal’s Media Soldiers Strike Back

Lara Logan on 60 Minutes

It’s not that surprising that some in the corporate media, driven either by admiration for ousted Gen. Stanley McChrystal or disdain for Rolling Stone‘s scoop, have rushed in to defend or explain away his behavior. In Saturday’s Washington Post (6/26/10), anonymous military sources tell the newspaper that the comments from McChrystal and his staff were supposed to be off the record: The command’s own review of events, said the official, who was unwilling to speak on the record, found “no evidence to suggest” that any of the “salacious political quotes” in the article were made in situations in which ground […]


Is Engel Too Opinionated–or Does He Have the Wrong Opinion?

When NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Richard Engel recently returned from Afghanistan, he told MSNBC‘s Morning Joe, “I honestly think it’s probably time to start leaving the country.” Engel added, “I really don’t see how this is going to end in anything but tears.” Engel’s comments caused Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz (10/12/09) to raise an eyebrow at a reporter stating an opinion: “That sounds awfully opinionated for a working reporter,” wrote Kurtz. But we had to wonder if what really attracted Kurtz’s scrutiny was Engel’s stating of an opinion, or the opinion itself? After all, for years FAIR […]