Bill O’Reilly vs. Reality on Planned Parenthood

It was inevitable that Fox host Bill O’Reilly would weigh in on the Planned Parenthood/Komen Foundation controversy. And perhaps just as inevitable that he’d mangle the facts along the way. Here he is, on Friday night (2/3/12): Last year the Komen Foundation gave Planned Parenthood $680,000. Now, that is the source of controversy because as you know, Planned Parenthood is primarily in business to provide abortions, more than 300,000 each year. Later he added: Planned Parenthood does not give women who visit its clinics the other side of the abortion story because again PP is in business for abortion. Here […]


Up Is Down, Down Is Up: Bill O’Reilly Explains OWS

On his Friday night show, Bill O’Reilly took his viewers to a magical place–one where the right-wing Koch brothers have no connection to the Tea Party movement, while Occupy Wall Street is a secret project directed and financed by the likes of Moveon.org, SEIU and George Soros. At the top of his broadcast, O’Reilly wondered if we are now in “phase two of the campaign to undermine America”–this would apparently be the phase where activists protest against police brutality, with an assist from “the radical MoveOn organization, which is funding some of the occupiers.” As he explained his conspiracy theory: […]