A Tough Call: Daily News Media Bias Poll

Hmmm… can I get two votes? For the record, the results are currently 94 percent for liberal control, 1 percent for conservative-pandering and 5 percent for control by the rich.


‘Liberal’ Media Disappear Bush From Economic News

In examining how the “national news media remains largely enthralled by the pro-Republican rules of the past three decades,” Robert Parry (Consortium News, 2/28/09) notes that “in both right-wing and mainstream news organizations, stories continue to be structured as faulting Obama and largely absolving Bush.” Parry looks at recent major New York Times and Washington Post stories’ framing of “the stomach-turning 6.2 percent drop in the gross domestic product during the last quarter of 2008”: “Though that was the last economic quarter of the Bush administration, the stories instead were framed around Obama’s failures.” The New York Times cites “a […]