NBC Viewers Finally Learn About GE’s Tax-Dodging–Sort Of

There’s been plenty of talk about NBC‘s decision to skip the news about General Electric‘s ability to make huge profits and pay zero taxes. Now, it’s possible that everyoneat NBC misplaced theircopies of the March 25 New York Times, but the GE story finally made it to the NBC Nightly News yesterday–in a report that was basically a chance for GE boss Jeffrey Immelt, whose company owns nearly half the network, to try and rebut the story. Anchor Brian Williams started off by saying this: The news is still reverberating this week after last week’s page-one story in the New […]


NBC Still Doesn’t Know About O’Keefe’s ACORN Hoax

From Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News (3/9/11), courtesy of reporter Lisa Myers: We last saw O’Keefe wearing a fur coat and playing a pimp when he managed to take down the liberal group ACORN. No we didn’t. As should be well-known by now, O’Keefeused footage of himself wearing a “pimp” costume in his ACORN videos–but didn’t wear the ridiculous costume during his “undercover stings.” Media accounts acted as though he did, though–it took a lot of effortto get the New York Times to finally admit its errors on this count. If reportersdon’t know these facts, they’re bound to get fooled by […]