Help Challenge Media Misinformation on Labor Bill

A new FAIR action alert is targeting CNN host Lou Dobbs for peddling anti-union propaganda about the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), after Dobbs falsely suggested on his show (Lou Dobbs Tonight, 2/4/09) that the proposed new labor law would “end a secret ballot.” In fact, the EFCA would not take away workers’ rights to have a secret vote if they choose to; it would take away employers’ ability to force workers to have such a vote. (Click here to watch Dobbs’ misleading report about EFCA.) You can take action by emailing Dobbs at lou.dobbs@turner.com. Please copy and paste your […]


CNN Can’t Tell ‘Weather’ from ‘Climate’

For a change of pace from his incessant immigrant bashing, CNN‘s Lou Dobbs recently exclaimed over “unusual storms” and snow in Las Vegas, Southern California and Arizona’s mountains. This “unbelievable” evidence has Dobbs wondering: “So what are those folks talking about global warming?” Posting at Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal blog (12/19/08), Steve Benen describes how, “to ‘discuss’ the subject, Dobbs invited CNN meteorologist Chad Myers and Heartland Institute science director Jay Lehr onto the show”: Not surprisingly, Lehr told Dobbs what he wanted to hear, starting with an anecdote about Lehr’s sky diving hobby. LEHR: I have jumped out of […]