WaPo ‘Screw-You’ Video Follows ‘Mad Bitch’ Offense

Guest Women In Media & News blogger Adele M. Stan (8/5/09) has some more to say about the‘s “now-infamous ‘Mad Bitch’ video”: Last Friday, Talking Points Memo‘s Brian Beutler shone a light on a video produced by the Washington Post that featured one of the two columnists hosting the piece suggesting that, at a future White House beer summit, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton be given a brew called “Mad Bitch.” Then all hell broke loose. The Post apparently thought it could fix the problem by simply pulling the video. A note was posted above the hole where the […]


Too Much Truth in Advertising at the WaPo?

The business department at the Washington Post has gotten into trouble in what may be a case of too much truth in advertising. As reported by Politico (7/2/09), the Post circulated a flyer offering–for the low, low cost of $25,000–an “intimate and exclusive Washington Post salon, an off-the-record dinner and discussion at the home of CEO and publisher Katharine Weymouth.” The circular promised the participation of “key Obama administration and congressional leaders” as well as “healthcare reporting and editorial staff members of the Washington Post.” Lest anyone be confused as to why dinner at the Post‘s publisher’s house would be […]