NYT Critical Spotlight on Tanton Gives His Anti-Immigrant Groups a Pass

The Sunday New York Times (4/17/11) ran a big front-page piece on John Tanton, founder of the anti-immigration organizations Federation for American Immigration Reform and Center for Immigration Studies. I guess it’s positive that someone in corporate media is finally paying attention to Tanton’s racism (long documented here at FAIR–1/1/93–and by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center–Winter/08), and reporter Jason DeParle does include a good deal of damning information about Tanton and some of his own racist words. But he also manages to interview almost exclusively people currently or formerly affiliated with Tanton’s groups (six of these people in […]


The Lou Dobbs Poll

CNN host Lou Dobbs presented some big news on–wait for it–immigration last night (10/22/09): New evidence that the American public wants action on the illegal immigration crisis in this country. A new CNN poll finds the vast majority of the American public wants illegal immigration stopped and most want illegal immigrants now in the country to leave–Lisa Sylvester with our report. The CNN poll isodd; the main question is, “Would you like to see the number of illegal immigrants currently in this country increased, decreased, or remain the same?” 73 percent chose “decreased.” They asked a follow-up to find out […]