How ‘Unlikely’ Is Mark Sanford’s Comeback Really?

Mark Sanford

The journalists amazed by Mark Sanford’s comeback make the mistake of assuming that since the GOP spends so much time preaching “family values” and “social conservatism,” Republican pols who violate these preachments must pay a greater price than less moralistic Democrats.


Sean Hannity and Scandalous Double Standards

Last night (6/6/11), Fox News host Sean Hannity was talking with WorldNetDaily‘s Joe Farah: FARAH: Charles Rangel is still in the House. Barney Frank is still in the House. Bill Clinton is getting awards. Gerry Studds got a standing ovation from House Democrats. This is a guy who had sex with a congressional page, correct? HANNITY: But what about–you know, you think back when Republican scandals come up, they all bail out. I can’t think of one that ever stayed, can you? He’s got a point. Except for Republican Sen. David Vitter (prostitution scandal, still in office). And Republican Sen. […]