How Not to Have a Debate on Obama’s Economic Team

Two things that are true: –The discussion of Larry Summers leaving his job as director of the White House Economic Council often failed to provide any sense of progressive criticism of his tenure, or of White House policy. (Republican criticism was well-represented, though.) –The Washington Post‘s “Topic A” op-ed features are often terrible. On Sunday (9/26/10) it all came together, with a Post “Topic A” discussion about the performance of Obama’s economic team. The Post got responses from former Bush economic adviser N. Gregory Mankiw andMcCain economics adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who are both unsurprisingly critical. The paper also sought comment […]


Erin Burnett Sticks Up for the Little Guy

The roundtable on Sunday’s Meet the Press (2/1/09) sure didn’t look promising: Republican flat tax enthusiast Steve Forbes, former McCain economic adviser Mark Zandi and CNBC reporter Erin Burnett. It was Burnett, though, who delivered a head-scratching defense of the$18 billion bonuses recently doled out at Wall Street firms (many of which are still standing thanks only to the government’s multi-billion dollar TARP bailout). As Burnett explained, the populist anger was misplaced (see bold): BURNETT: I understand the outrage, and you understand the populism. There are, though–well, how should we say this? The taxpayer money is not being used to […]