Maureen Dowd Sets Martin Luther King Straight on How Freedom Is Won

Maureen Dowd (cc photo: DoubleSpeak Media); Martin Luther King

“On matters of race,” writes Maureen Dowd, “there is an even higher responsibility to be accurate.” Yes–especially for white columnists lecturing African-American directors about black history.


Bill O’Reilly Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

O'Reilly: Blacks should work harder

Bill O’Reilly’s message on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was that blacks “have a much tougher time succeeding in the marketplace” because they don’t “study and work hard.”


Jeff Cohen on Media Missing the Costs of Militarism

Protester: I Want Education Not War (United for Justice With Peace)

“Today there’s an elephant in the room: a huge, yet ignored, issue that largely explains why Social Security is now on the chopping block…. That problem is U.S. militarism and perpetual war.”


When Meet the Press Met Martin Luther King

On his MSNBC show (10/15/11), Chris Hayes went through the NBC archives to look at Martin Luther King’s appearances on Meet the Press. He was struck by the tone of the questions King was asked–and the show put together this clip reel (apologies for the ad you’re likely to be forced to watch before the clips play; it’s mercifully brief):


The Martin Luther King You Still Don’t See on TV

As we approach the Monday holiday, we’re hearinga Pentagon lawyer suggest that Martin Luther King would support the war in Afghanistan. That makes it an ideal time torecall a 1995 column by FAIR founder Jeff Cohen and longtime associate Norman Solomon (Media Beat, 1/4/95). The full column appearsbelow, and is archived here. The Martin Luther King You Don’t See on TV by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon It’s become a TV ritual: Every year in mid-January, around the time of Martin Luther King’s birthday, we get perfunctory network news reports about “the slain civil rights leader.” The remarkable thing about […]


MLK: ‘There’s Something Wrong With That Press!’

Sam Husseini (1/15/10) recalls a great media quote from one of Martin Luther King’s most powerful sermons, at the Ebenezer Baptist Church (4/30/67): Been a lot of applauding over the last few years. They applauded our total movement; they’ve applauded me. America and most of its newspapers applauded me in Montgomery. And I stood before thousands of Negroes getting ready to riot when my home was bombed and said, “We can’t do it this way.” They applauded us in the sit-in movement–we non-violently decided to sit in at lunch counters. The applauded us on the Freedom Rides when we accepted […]