Dana Milbank and the Bias of Centrism

Jim DeMint and Elizabeth Warren (cc photos: Gage Skidmore, New America Foundation)

To argue that Elizabeth Warren is the left equivalent of Jim DeMint, one must exhibit no interest in the substance of politics.


NYT Charts the Choices of Selfless Politicians

The remarkable ability to engage in in-depth discussion of lawmakers’ opposition to healthcare reform efforts without ever mentioning the massive contributions such lawmakers tend to receive from the healthcare industry is not confined to the Washington Post–as Dan Ward noted in his Extra! piece (11/09). Another recent example of the phenomenon was provided by the New York Times, which ran a piece (11/18/09) on three Democratic senators –Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas–who may help filibuster the reform bill to death. The piece, by Carl Hulse, informs us that the three “have all […]