Does Today Show Know Michelle Rhee’s Record?


Michelle Rhee’s history could make her an interesting person to interview for a piece about the overemphasis on standardized testing. But the failure to mention Rhee’s scandal suggests that either the Today show doesn’t know that history–or doesn’t think it matters.


At NBC News, the Anchor Has to Remind You You’re Not Watching an Ad


NBC’s Matt Lauer issued a clarification that his news report was not an advertisement. That was helpful, because the report appeared to be virtually identical to a paid infomercial.


Interviewing Bush: Lauer’s Lowlights

NBC star Matt Lauer’s one-on-one interview with George W. Bush revealed very little in the way of information, though some lessons could be drawn from Lauer’s mediocre performance. Here was one comment from near the top of the interview: The Florida recount. Hanging chads. A divided Supreme Court. George Bush had a rough road to the White House. Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 by half a million. By many reasonable standards, he should have lost the Florida recount too. The Supreme Court made him the president. I’m not sure “rough” is the right way to describe what happened […]


Bush Is Back–And So Is Softball Journalism

Over athis Nation Media Fix blog (a must-read), Greg Mitchell watched Matt Lauer’s NBC interview with George W. Bush, and wasn’t impressed. He writes: Time after time Bush would offer a whopper and Lauer either said nothing, or expressed sympathy for the poor man who was subjected to such harsh criticism. It went that way, from Bush saying there was “no intelligence” prior to 9/11 about terrorists maybe wanting to fly planes into buildings to stating flatly that lack of regulations had anything to do with the financial meltdown. Bush said he had zero doubts about the WMD intelligence on […]