Between Two Economists Lies the American Center


The “center” doesn’t usually indicate where most of the public is, but rather where elites have determined an appropriate middle between opposing arguments.


Friedman Asks: Why Did Iraq Do That to George W. Bush?

Thomas Friedman

Some days it’s not easy to make it through a Tom Friedman column. Take today (11/14/12), for instance. I got all the way to the second sentence: Virtually every American president since Dwight Eisenhower has had a Middle Eastern country that brought him grief. In case you’re wondering, he really means every president: For George W. Bush, it was Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, why did those countries give the man so much trouble? For anyone trying to make it all the way through the column, I recommend letting Matt Taibbi walk you through the loopy Friedmanesque metaphors: Iraq is a […]


CBS Factchecks Romney’s Tax Plan: Maybe, Who Knows?


Mitt Romney has a multi-trillion dollar tax cut plan that he says won’t add to the deficit. How does that work? He won’t say, other than to pledge that he’d close some loopholes and deductions, but that none of those would harm “middle-class” Americans. Analysts have argued that this is not mathematically possible. So how do you factcheck that? That was the task for CBS Evening News last night (10/15/12). And their answer seemed to boil down to: Well, maybe. CBS reporter Wyatt Andrews explained: “Romney argues that lower rates will stimulate the economy and he is emphatic the middle-class […]


NYT: Home of the ‘Insanely Selfish and Greed-Addled’

The New York Times editorial page’s lending of space to former AIG financial vice president Jake DeSantis’ plea for “us all to reconsider our anger toward the poor overworked employees of his unit” has incurred some of Matt Taibbi’s trademark wrath (Alternet, 3/26/09): He acts like he’s a victim because he didn’t get to keep his after-tax bonus of $742,006.40 in the middle of a global depression. And he really loses his fucking mind when he writes: None of us should be cheated of our payments any more than a plumber should be cheated after he has fixed the pipes […]