Syria and Sarin: Skepticism Still Warranted

David Gregory (cc photo: CSIS)

When it comes to Syria, corporate media typically betray a lack of skepticism when it comes to government claims about the WMDs of “enemy” countries. But there are notable exceptions.


NYT on WikiLeaks: Move Along, No Atrocity to See Here

(UPDATE: Today’s Times includes a story about the WikiLeaks Iraq cable, under the somewhat strange headline “Cable Implicates Americans in Deaths of Iraqi Civilians.” Still very little in the rest of the press– nothing on television, according to a search of the Nexis database). One of the main media tropes regarding WikiLeaks‘ release of State Department cables last year was that there was either nothing new to be learned, or that private conversations they revealed were remarkably consistent with what U.S. officials were saying publicly. That was totally misleading, but for many pundits the story seemed to end there. Now […]