Who Knew That Israeli Blockade Is ‘Economic Warfare’?

When the corporate media explain the logic behind Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, they turn to what Israel says officially and publicly. For example, today’s New York Times, in an article on an Israeli government-backed investigation into the deadly Israeli raid on a flotilla heading to Gaza, states: Israel argues that the blockade is necessary to prevent Hamas from smuggling in weapons or materials needed to make them, and to weaken Hamas control. This sounds similar to a statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Ha’aretz, 6/1/10), who justified the siege by saying: Gaza is a terror state funded […]


Indy Filmers Create Most Jobs, Own Least Content

Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufmann has a new McClatchy column (7/16/09) “speaking out on behalf of the little guy–or, in the case of independent film and TV producers, the belittled guy,” who generally is still “at the mercy of a handful of vertically integrated network-studio conglomerates, powerful giants that exercise control over the entertainment and media businesses.” Kaufmann says “the fact is that independents have produced the largest number of motion picture industry jobs,” creating, between 2004â┚¬“07, “more than 198,000 full-time motion picture jobs annually, accounting for 55 percent of all of those available in the industry”: Overall, independents were […]


NYT’s ‘Blatant Lie’ Now ‘Embedded Fact… as Intended’

Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald (7/9/09, ad-viewing required) is extolling “The Significance of McClatchy‘s Act of Journalism” when reporting that recently released six-year Guantanamo prisoner Haji Sahib Rohullah Wakil–one of many who supposedly “returned to or are suspected of returning to terrorism after their release”–“far from being in hiding, operates openly among officials of Afghanistan’s U.S.-allied government.” Labeling Nancy Youssef’s piece “a consummate example of excellent journalism,” Greenwald also wants us to note the central role the New York Times played–yet again–in spreading and given credence to pure government propaganda. And the method used to accomplish that is exactly what led them […]


Is Half a Million Enough for Ailing Papers’ CEO?

The Sacramento Unit of the California Media Workers Guild has published (BeeGuildNow.org, 2/16/09) an open letter to McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt describing how, in quick succession, our salaries and our pensions have been frozen. The company match has been eliminated from our 401K plans. Weâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢ve gone through two rounds of buyouts. Our ranks are thinner. But that is only the beginning. An unknown number of us will be sent out the door in the coming weeks, laid off during the worst economic climate in 80 years. Those of us who remain will work harder, but we will work for less. […]