Another Word From Our Sponsor: The Return of Renee McMontagne

Renee “McMontagne” brought NPR listeners another McDonald’s PR story yesterday morning. On April 5, Montange and her Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep uncritically previewed McDonald’s big PR campaign revolving around a one-day hiring blitz to “recast its jobs not as dead-end work, but in ads starring its happy employees as desirable employment” (FAIR Blog, 4/6/11). I noted that McDonald’s heiress Joan Kroc gave NPR a 9-figure bequest a few years ago. Well, Montagne returned to the story yesterday with an on-the-ground report from the scene of a McDonald’s hiring event in Philadelphia, where an NPR correspondent interviewed three of those […]


NPR: And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor

NPR Morning Edition (4/5/11) keeps its audience informed about important business news (that just so happens to be about an image-burnishing campaign by the company whose heiress gave them a 9-figure bequest a few years ago): RENEE MONTAGNE: And our last word in business today comes from another Illinois-based employer. The word is McJobs. That word has meant low-paid work at a particular fast food chain. But McDonald’s is trying to, quote, “turn the word on its ear,” as one marketing executive put it to Ad Age magazine. Yesterday, McDonald’s launched a McJobs campaign, with the goal of recruiting 50,000 […]


Copyright Law in Aid of Corporate Cover-Up

Raw Story (2/22/09) has a report that illustrates, in passing, the ridiculousness of how copyright law is applied on the Internet. The story concerns a McDonald’s employee in Arkansas who threw an abusive customer out of the restaurant and got shot, and the hamburger company’s refusal to pay the injured employer workers compensation because the worker’s “injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment.” Surely there’s a legitimate public interest in the question of whether corporations pay compensation in such cases. And if you want to have an informed opinion on this particular […]