Journalists Back on the Chained Gang

Chicken Cow, by Egui_

Don’t expect much help from corporate media on understanding the “Chained CPI,” because selling the “grand bargain” requires citizens not really knowing what this part of the deal entails.


Why Is the Erosion of the U.S. Constitution Mostly of Interest to Canadians?

The list of First Amendment-trampling rules for Guantanamo reporters makes for dispiriting reading in today’s New York Times (7/21/10)–e.g., “If information the government deems protected is inadvertently disclosed, the Pentagon can order reporters not to reveal it.” But perhaps the most discouraging part of Jeremy Peters’ article is the list of reporters who fell afoul of a rule requiring them to refrain from publishing “secrets” that have already been widely reported: “Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald, Michelle Shephard of the Toronto Star, Steven Edwards of Canwest and Paul Koring of the Globe and Mail in Toronto.” What do three […]


Swine Flu ‘a Case Study in Reckless Journalism’

Writing that “the swine flu outbreak that wrecked Mexico’s economy this spring, and that the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic last month, may become a case study in reckless journalism,” Miami Herald Latin America correspondent Andres Oppenheimer (7/8/09) admits that he “had taken it for granted that the disease had started in Mexico” since “that’s what most press reports said.” But he “recently found myself scratching my head” over a “Pan American Health Organization press release that ‘the new virus, which emerged in Mexico and the United States in April,’ has spread to 74 countries.” Follow-up questions put […]