And Now, Our Expert on Africa… US Billionaire Michael Bloomberg


African leaders are in DC for a big summit, so CBS Face the Nation turns to noted Africa expert…Michael Bloomberg?


USA Today Covers NYC Elections–Unfortunately


USA Today tries to explain what the Democratic primary elections in New York City, using some of corporate media’s favorite electoral tropes: mandating a move to the right, misleading on stop-and-frisk, and finding “ambivalence” when voters line up on the wrong side.


NYT’s Bruni: Don’t Blame Bloomberg for Inequality–He Didn’t Mean It

Michael Bloomberg cc photo: Simone D. McCourtie / World Bank)

As an op-ed columnist, Frank Bruni was a heck of a restaurant critic. That was demonstrated once again by his farewell (New York Times, 9/10/13) to outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who Bruni thinks is getting a bum rap from the Democrats who are vying in the primaries today for a chance to succeed him.  Bruni particularly objects to frontrunner Bill de Blasio’s resonant tale of two New Yorks, the wealthy one that Bloomberg is accused of coddling and the less wealthy one that he supposedly showed the back of his hand…. It’s a narrative of either-or, of […]


Meet the Press Turns to Billionaire Mayor as ‘Independent Voice’

On the one hand, NBC‘s Meet the Press gives us Republican Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (2/5/12): DAVID GREGORY: Governor Daniels, one of the things you hear from the campaign trail, Mitt Romney said it just the other day, is that the recovery should have been so much stronger. You know, it’s very difficult to prove something like that, just like it’s difficult for the president to prove the economy would’ve been weaker if not for his particular policies. How could it have been stronger had a Republican been in president, in your judgment? Been in the White House, I should […]


Crackdown on Journalists at Occupy Wall Street

One more thing about free speech hero Michael Bloomberg’s shutdown of Occupy Wall Street. During the early morning raid on the Occupy Wall Street camp journalists were blocked from covering much of what was happening. Josh Stearns from Free Press has a rundown–as he points out, “By dawn, 10 journalists, including reporters from NPR, the Associated Press and the New York Daily News, had been arrested.” There was a good local TV news segment about the media clampdown, courtesy of the New York NBC affiliate. It’s rare to see an image like this on your TV screen (click the image […]


Michael Bloomberg, Free Speech Hero?

The New York Times, writing about Bloomberg’s crackdown on Occupy Wall Street, said this: For the mayor, a champion of the First Amendment…. I am not sure what is required to deserve the title of “champion,” but was it a different Michael Bloomberg who was mayor during the 2004 Republican convention, which saw mass arrests, preventive detention and surveillance/infiltration of protest groups? What’s next–Bloomberg the Fourth Amendment champion?


Obama Plan=Class Warfare? NBC Asks a Billionaire

At the top of Meet the Press yesterday (9/25/11), NBC anchor David Gregory announced one of the topics to come: Is the president’s plan basic fairness or class warfare? As with too many other media debates, an absurd proposition–that returning tax rates for certain wealthy people to levels seen in the 1980s and 1990s is a declaration of war–is treated as one of the two possible answers to a question. Gregory manages to make things worse by getting the only answer on the show from billionaire New York mayor (and media tycoon) Michael Bloomberg: GREGORY: Does that trouble you? BLOOMBERG: […]


O’Reilly Speaks Out for Bias and Backlash

You just never know what will set Bill O’Reilly off. Last night, it was a perfectly reasonable remark by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who, following the arrest of a Pakistani suspect in the Times Square car bomb plot, cautioned against turning Pakistanis or followers of Islam into scapegoats: I want to make clear that we will not tolerate any bias or backlash against Pakistani or Muslim New Yorkers. All of us live in this city. And among any group, there’s always a few bad apples. O’Reilly angrily lashed out at Bloomberg: Well, maybe somebody should remind the mayor […]


One Paper — Three Views on Term Limits

The author of an upcoming “people’s history of the Bolivarian Revolution entitled We Created Him,” George Ciccariello-Maher tells (CounterPunch, 2/15/09) an eerily “familiar” tale of one unnamed political leader who, after being “in power for nearly eight years,” no longer feels the need to comfort his opponents, and his discourse radicalizes as his view of term limits shifts. Dismissing his opposition as rigid “dogmatists,” the leader now insists on the need to change course flexibly to meet circumstances. True and sustained change, he argues, requires the continuity of his successful leadership…. Not without controversy, then, was the decision of the […]