What Do You Call Edward Snowden?


CBS’s Scott Pelley suggests that Edward Snowden admitted to being a “spy” for Russia. But he’s not the only one using odd language to describe the NSA whistleblower.


Dead Journalists and the Newseum Scandal


A memorial for journalists who died while reporting the news wouldn’t seem to be the kind of thing that would attract controversy, but that’s exactly what’s happened with an exhibit at the Newseum.


The Case of the Disappearing NYT Piece

Mitt Romney

At Huffington Post (9/13/12), Ryan Grim and Michael Calderone are raising questions about the somewhat mysterious disappearance of a New York Times news article: On Wednesday, the New York Times published a provocative story bylined by David E. Sanger and Ashley Parker, leading with the news that Mitt Romney had personally approved the blistering Tuesday night statement on the attacks in Libya and Egypt that landed his campaign in trouble. But hours later, the newspaper wiped the story out and replaced it with a significantly rewritten piece bylined by Peter Baker and Ashley Parker…. The later version, which appeared on […]


Is Iraq Media Failure ‘Coloring’ Iran Coverage?

Huffington Post reporter Michael Calderone (2/17/12) has a fairly comprehensive lookat the way media are covering Iran (I wish he’d cited FAIR’s long record on this; perhaps next time). The point is that Iran coverage looks a whole lot like Iraq coverage, circa 2002. Really bad, in other words. Calderone gets a pretty revealing comment from an insider: One national security reporter, who has covered the intelligence community and Iran but was not authorized to comment, says that pre-Iraq War coverage and recent Iran coverage are “terrifyingly similar.” “I don’t think we are falling totally back into where we were […]


The Quran-Burning PR Pastor: Blame the Media

If you own a television or read a newspaper,you may have heard by now that a pastor in Florida plans to burn copies of the Quran on Saturday. The only reason you know anything about this is because the national media have decided, for reasons that are entirely unclear, to give this guy a platform. As Michael Calderone noted at Yahoo!, this pastor appeared on the front page ofover 50 different newspapers…on Wednesday.As Calderone pointed out, he doesn’t even have that many members of his church. Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas put the blame where it mostly belongs–on the media: […]


The ‘Endemic Practices’ of ‘Revenue-Hungry News Orgs’

Furthering the story of “Washington Post executives–reeling…over a flier promoting a ‘salon’ for lobbyists to mingle with prominent newsmakers,” Politico reporters Michael Calderone and Andy Barr (7/4/09) think the suits at the Post might reasonably ask “Why us?”: The fact is the Post‘s clumsy effort to make money on its brand name and market its access to the powerful was a belated effort to follow in the steps of at least two other prominent news organizations: The Wall Street Journal and the Economist magazine. The Journal, for instance, is charging a $7,500 for its two-day CEO Council in November, an […]