Afghan War Just Needs a Better Sales Pitch

The big New York Times story on the Afghan War today (3/27/12) focuses on public opinion in the United States, which is now dramatically anti-war: 69 percent think we shouldn’t be there. An interesting point argument is raised later in the piece, when two sources make the argument that the war wouldn’t be so unpopular if Barack Obama would just do a better job of selling it: Peter Feaver of Duke University, who has long studied public opinion about war and worked in the administration of President George W. Bush, said that in his view there would be more support […]


Brookings Institution: ‘Liberal,’ Centrist… or Extremist?

Poking holes in the Brookings Institution’s “preening conceit”–“they bequeath their website with an ‘.edu’ suffix… They are ‘scholars.’ Just ask them and they’ll tell you“–Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald (5/26/09, ad-viewing required) quotes one blogger fundamentally debunking Brookings mainstay William Glaberson‘s May 22 New York Times contention that, as U.S. president, Barack Obama “has sworn an oath to protect the country”: “Barack Obama did not swear an oath to ‘protect the country.’ He swore an oath to protect the principles upon which the country was founded and the document in which those principles are enshrined.” Looking more broadly at “Beltway world,” in […]


The Washington Post’s World of Hawks

The Washington Post (9/28/08) gathered reactions from “foreign policy analysts and others” to last Friday’s debate on international policy, and what’s striking is how hawkish the Post‘s circle of foreign policy experts is. The lineup included Henry A. Kissinger–inevitably–and a bunch of hawks from right-wing think tanks and/or the Bush administration: Danielle Pletka of AEI, Michael Rubin of AEI and Rumsfeld’s Pentagon, Patrick Clawson of WINEP (who co-wrote a book with Rubin) and David Makovsky of WINEP. Michael O’Hanlon works at the centrist Brookings but is a famous Iraq hawk. Those who aren’t obvious hawks mostly have Republican connections: Michael […]