Undoing Michael Powell’s Mischief at the FCC

Michael Powell (FCC)

Giving the cable companies more power and control–and hence wealth–was precisely the point of Michael Powell’s reclassification of broadband Internet as an “information service.”


Wait–Chris Christie Might Be a Vindictive Bully?!

Chris Christie

Some of the recent coverage of Republican New Jersey governor seems genuinely surprised that the bullying, partisan politician might be… well, bullying and partisan.


NYT and Honduras Killings, Take Two

On Friday (5/18/12)¬†we noted that the New York Times and Washington Post had long pieces about a drug war shooting in Honduras that reportedly killed four innocent bystanders, including two pregnant women. The story got increased attention here in the U.S. because of the apparent involvement of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. Honduran officials and sources claimed the dead were civilians. The Times and Post, though, granted anonymity to U.S. officials to claim that the dead were maybe not civilians at all; in fact, according to some of these unnamed officials, the whole town where the shooting occurred was involved […]


NYT: Clintonian Centrism a ‘Strategic Masterstroke’

A New York Times profile (1/8/11) of author/economist Robert Reich was headlined “Obama the Centrist Irks a Liberal Lion.” It’s hard not to see where reporter Michael Powell comes down in the debate over Democrats moving to the right: Mr. Reich sees a parallel with his former boss, Mr. Clinton, and draws no comfort from the comparison. Confronted with a muscular Republican majority in the House in 1994, Mr. Clinton mastered triangulation, which is to say he sailed into a sea neither Republican nor Democratic. It was a strategic masterstroke, but he threw overboard some liberal founding stones. It’s hard […]


Greedy Public Workers and Fat Pensions? Try Again

There’s been a spate of reporting and commentary attacking public workers for having lavish pensions that are bankrupting various states. CBS‘s 60 Minutes got into the act in December with a report (12/19/10) that was criticized for lionizing Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (obviously this came before his snow troubles) for his attacks on public workers (particularly school teachers). The New York Times featured an article by Michael Powell on January 2 headlined “Public Workers Face Outrage as Budget Crises Grow.” The piece focused primarily on these pension plans, some of which “dangle perilously close to bankruptcy.” The article […]