More Pointless Campaign 2016 Journalism

Jeb Bush (cc photo: World Affairs Council of Philadelphia)

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced that he sort of could be running for the Republican presidential nomination. Of course, that drew substantial media attention.


You Don’t Get ‘Thoughtful Conversation’ From an Advocate for War Crimes

Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed columnist Harold Jackson (5/20/09) writes that most of those who have criticized his paper for hiring of pro-torture lawyer John Yoo as his colleague “have their facts wrong.” After making a gratuitous swipe at bloggers (“who never let the facts get in the way when they’re trying to whip people into a frenzy to boost website hits”), Jackson gets down to specifics: “To set the record straight, no one tried to hide Yoo’s becoming a regular columnist,” he declares. If that’s the case, why isn’t Yoo listed on the Inquirer‘s website along with its other regular columnists? […]