Does Today Show Know Michelle Rhee’s Record?


Michelle Rhee’s history could make her an interesting person to interview for a piece about the overemphasis on standardized testing. But the failure to mention Rhee’s scandal suggests that either the Today show doesn’t know that history–or doesn’t think it matters.


Ed ‘Reformers’ Fumble Logic With Foolish Football Analogy

Robert Griffin III (photo: Keith Allison)

“It’s hard to watch Robert Griffin III play football and not think about education policy.” Education “reformers” Michelle Rhee and Joel Klein begin an op-ed with this dubious claim, then go on to flesh out their absurd football/education analogy.


David Gregory Loves Michelle Rhee, Hates Criticism

Alan Suderman at Washington City Paper (10/28/10)caught NBC host David Gregory moderating an education event at a Washington hotel, where the Meet the Press host lavished praise on controversial former D.C. schools chancellor (and media darling) Michelle Rhee: Before we begin, we have Chancellor Michelle Rhee here, and I just want to say publicly what I say privately, which is, thank you for what you’ve done, thank you for your commitment, for your leadership, for your stick-to-it-ness and for the result that you have achieved. Washington, D.C., will miss you greatly…. But your commitment to kids and to education endures, […]