Texas Fertilizer Plant Disaster: Little Coverage, Much of It Wrong

West Fertilizer Co. plant

The West Fertilizer Co. explosion last week was largely obscured by blanket coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing. More than that, says legendary EPA whistleblower Hugh Kaufman, a guest on this week’s CounterSpin, what coverage there was often obscured the real story.


David Gregory: Obama’s Failure to Embrace CEOs


Post-election lessons are everywhere in the media, as pundits either try to explain how Mitt Romney lost or what Obama must do in his second term. My favorite example of this came on the front page of USA Today (11/8/12): If you think it’s somewhat odd that Obama would need to “soothe Wall Street,” then you’ll never make it in big media. On Sunday, NBC Meet the Press host David Gregory (11/11/12) was offering similar advice alongside CNBC host Jim Cramer (the one whose prediction of a massive Obama landslide doesn’t prevent him from being a political pundit): GREGORY: Jim, […]


D.C. Press Corps Sits on Hands as Actual Reporter Is Silenced

For a dramatic presentation of what’s wrong with the D.C. press corps, watch as In These Times reporter Mike Elk is silenced by Honeywell goons as he tries to ask a question about a poison gas leak–and his colleagues sit quietly by, except for one who encourages the goons because Mike doesn’t have a credential from the Capitol Hill Press Club!


David Gregory’s Factcheck Fail on Show’s Sponsor

Labor journalist Mike Elk (In These Times, 5/16/11) made an excellent point after watching NBC host David Gregory interview Newt Gingrich on Sunday’s Meet the Press (5/15/11). Elk wrote: Speaking yesterday on Meet the Press, Republican presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said that “the Obama system of the National Labor Relations Board [NLRB] is basically breaking the law to try to punish Boeing and to threaten every right-to-work state.” While Meet the Press host David Gregory vigorously challenged Newt Gingrich on details of his personal life, he failed to challenge Gingrich on his false […]