Has the Right Really Shifted on Police Militarization and Abuse?

Breitbart coverage of Ferguson

It would be wonderful if more Republicans–and, for that matter, more Democrats–were speaking out about police abuses and related issues. But treating one lawmaker’s op-ed as a sign of a fundamental shift on the right seems a bit of an overreach.


Trivial Media Maintains ‘Mass of Isolated Individuals’

Spanish sociologist Pablo Ouziel has a new Consortium News essay (6/28/09) describing the consequences of how “we wake up in the morning to hear and watch the newest tragedy that has swept the world’s media attention”–whether it’s “the tragic crash of an airplane” or “the death of a star.” Meanwhile: Serious events and acts are taking place everyday which merit serious social debate, yet because of the fact that our societies are deeply fragmented, broken and clashing between each other, we are unable to grant ourselves the necessary pause, required for conciliation and unity. Because of this, we are easy […]