NPR Blames Borrowers for Listening to NPR

Characterizing an “Incredibly Bad Economic Piece on NPR” as having “helped a blackmail effort,” blogging economist Dean Baker (Beat the Press, 2/27/09) says “the piece concluded by telling listeners that ‘the problem is us,’ that we had borrowed too much and therefore we have to pay the cost in the form of big taxpayer bailouts”: Okay, this is wrong, wrong and wrong. First, the excessive borrowing wasn’t just shear frivolity, it was attributable to something that got very little notice from NPR at the time and unfortunately still gets very little notice from NPR: an $8 trillion housing bubble. People […]


On CNBC and Rick Santelli’s ‘Losers’

Ryan Chittum of holds up (2/19/09) Rick Santelli’s recent CNBC tantrum as “an example of what’s wrong with a certain kind of financial journalism, the kind where people of like backgrounds spend all day staring at tickers and interviewing each other. As such, Chittum says, “the segment couldn’t more clearly illustrate the disconnect between the financial-services sector, certain financial journalists and, you know, ‘reality’”: What sent Santelli, CNBC‘s hot-air, oops, “On-Air Editor,” over the edge? The homeowner bailout. Of course, he didn’t get himself into nearly this much of a lather over the trillions of dollars we’ve given to […]